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Was I cold calling off a cold-caller?

Maanantaina 11. marraskuuta 2013 | Jukka Muhonen

I, who pride in trying to be courteous to everybody (them being courteous to me helps a lot), needed to check my policies today.

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Real-life data is needed for showing health economic benefits of new treatments

Torstaina 31. lokakuuta 2013 | Kati Kaijasilta

Health care costs are under a magnifying glass in today’s economic situation and it has become increasingly important that pharmaceutical companies are able to show health economic benefits of their new products. It is easy to pinpoint medicines as a source of cost but it is essential to understand what other costs are not occurring when a patient is treated with the drug to be able to evaluate whether it is worth to invest in the product from economic point of view.

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Polypills – wishful thinking?

Torstaina 17. lokakuuta 2013 | Taru Blom

People in Europe are getting older in average – in the WHO update report  for primary diseases (July 2013) it was stated that the proportion of people older than 65 years is higher than of those under 15 years of age, and the life-expectance has gradually increased. Unfortunately, this does not mean additional years of healthy and good life, but often more years with sickness and combined medications.

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Transparency increases- great news!

Maanantaina 26. elokuuta 2013 | Paula Rytilä

Several countries have taken measures to increase transparency of collaboration between health care professionals and pharmaceutical companies. These initiatives relate especially to financial collaboration.

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The ‘Little Things’ In Partnering

Maanantaina 12. elokuuta 2013 | Jukka Muhonen

I’d decided to share these thoughts already before, but then something came up and I didn’t . Now I again remembered a certain letter to the editor I read in FT a while back. The letter was calling for businesses to respond to job applications they receive. Somehow, in the minimum acknowledging receipt, or even rejecting the application outright if there’s no room for any other response. I don’t know what caught my eye in the heading to start reading the letter in the first place, but I did, and was struck by some immediate comparisons.

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